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Satya Vyas

Satya Vyas has written four Hindi best seller books till date Banaras Talkies, Dilli Darbar, Chaurasi/84 and Baghi Ballia. His books are very popular among Nai wali hindi readers.

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Satya Vyas has created a niche for himself in new age Hindi writing. His first novel Banaras Talkies is a bestseller, with seven editions (and counting) in one year.

He is currently working on a couple of screenplays as well and few web series are under production based on his books.

Banaras Talkies

Banaras Talkies is a book about hostel life, Diverse Culture of Banaras and a Love story you can’t miss.

Banaras Talkies By Satya Vyas


‘Chaurasi’ is a love story influenced by the 1984 Sikh riots. This is a story about protagonist Rishi saving a sikh family from riots while becoming a rioter

Chaurasi by Satya Vyas

Dilli Durbar

This book is story of two friends Mohit (Jhaadi) and Rahul Mishra living in rented room in Delhi.

Baaghi Ballia

Baaghi Ballia is story Love and War based on students politics, Sanjya and Rafiq are two main character of the book.

Baaghi Ballia By Satya Vyas

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