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Satya Vyas is professionals-turned-amateur writer of modern hindi also known as “Nai wali Hindi”. He is law graduate from the prestigious law school BHU, and a logistics professional.

Author Satya Vyas

Best Selling Hindi AUthor

He has written four best sellers till date Banaras Talkies, Dilli Darbar, Chaurasi/84 and Baghi Ballia.

Writing Style

Writer of "Nai Wali Hindi"

Satya Vyas has emerged as a budding writer of “Nai wali Hindi” in the past years. He has created a new readership in Hindi and has proved wrong the notion that there is a shortage of readers in Hindi.
He writes his books after lots of research about the topic, he uses the language which is easy, local and very attractive for readers.

Satya Vyas has deep interests in nomads, films and cricket besides writing, when is gets time he posts about these stuff on facebook.

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